At Plastic Card Services® we continue to look at new greener card materials and responsible business practices which help to protect our environment, reduce our carbon footprint and mutually benefit our customers.

As one of the first card manufacturers in Europe to use both Eco degradable materials and waterless print processes, we are actively encouraging our customers to ‘buy eco’ as part of their environmental policy and to meet consumer demands for more eco-friendly products.

Our Eco degradable PVC material decomposes far more quickly than standard options and we are proud that this commitment to environmental best practice can be delivered without compromising on product quality; our eco cards perform to the same standards as conventional options whilst achieving ISO14001 and ISO9001 accreditation.  The waterless print process is considered by the industry as market-leading in efficiency, waste management and quality as it significantly reduces emissions or harmful compounds released into the atmosphere.

Although there are a number of degradable cards available, none combine the eco materials and responsible processes which we use in our manufacturing.  The cards perform equally to conventional cards and achieve ISO14001 and ISO9001 accreditation.

Green solutions

Our commitment to use greener solutions does not stop here.  We have invested over £2 million in developing more sustainable print services and this figure will continue to rise.

We have commissioned a number of significant projects to deal with waste management and recycling at our purpose built manufacturing campus in Macclesfield.

— Recycling residual heat energy methodology, where machine processing heat is reused to heat the building.
This has reduced the daily heating in the winter from 16 hours to 4 hours.

— Converting all waste PVC into windows, as well as recycling metal production waste and our waste paper as standard.