PCS Video Card

A gift card is always a gift,

but what if this card could talk!

With the PCS Video Card your customers can add a personal and private message to their gift cards.

By including a unique code (simple alphanumerical or QR code) onto your gift cards, customers are able to record a personal and private message, upload a picture, or write a simple text.

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Customer Benefits

By choosing a gift card that features the PCS Video Card, customers can add a personalised message to their gift enabling them to connect with their loved ones in a way not previously possible.

When the gift card is received, the recipient simply scans the QR code/enters the code onto a dedicated web page and your message will be displayed. The sender will be alerted that the message has been viewed and the recipient can even send a reply.

Brand Benefits

Firstly it will increase your brand exposure as every message will be viewed through a completely tailored interface featuring your corporate branding.

The ability to collect valuable data, such as the email address of the person sending the gift card and the one of the person receiving it if they send a reply, as well as additional information such a geolocations.

By choosing the PCS Video Card, every customers card is unique, customisable and able to carry their voice and image. You are able to enhance their experience by offering more than a simple gift card which in turn can lead to increased card sales.